A “Loophole Institution” is simply one that is set up in such a way that it has the legal right to award degrees without breaking the law

Examples of “Loophole Institutions” can be found right across the mid-western states of America where freedom of religion legislation guarantees the rights of churches to establish “Bible Colleges” and “Seminaries” which grant degrees perfectly legally. 

“Loophole Institutions” exist because traditional institutions have, in general, been slow to embrace the concept of “life experience assessment” and “accreditation of prior learning”. Where institutions have adopted some form of assessment, it has been made so costly and time consuming that the applicant is often better off simply completing (and paying for) traditional modules to earn enough credits to graduate. The reason for this is quite obvious.

All tertiary level institutions, whether traditional or non-traditional, have to survive financially. They are all essentially businesses. It does not help the bottom line of a traditional institution to make it easy for under-graduates to “skip” expensive modules, simply because they have already acquired the information elsewhere. 

This is where “Loophole Institutions” come in. 

Without the costs of expensive campuses, loophole institutions can offer assessment of life experience at a fraction of the cost of completing a single module at a traditional institution. This can range from free initial assessments to a non-refundable "consultation fee" of $100 or more. Graduation fees range widely from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

A “Loophole Degree” is by its very definition legal.

Below are some examples of Loophole Institutions which I have researched.



A unique service founded in 2001.  Exploits the advantages a Loophole Degree without the disadvantages of having a degree from an institution that is "known" to offer these kind of programs.  They are not a degree granting institution in themselves but an intermediary that is backed by very severe confidentiality clauses.  They are the exclusive agent for legally operating schools that don't want to taint their reputation by advertising their own name.  Only graduates know the name of the school.  I have used them and they really do deliver, I got my degree in 6 days, no CV required and for a $150 it is the best deal available anywhere.  I even did a thorough search on the school when I got my degree and found nothing negative, which in my opinion makes them the top choice.

Prices: $120 - $200           Degree Delivery:   5 - 8 days          

Legal Status:  Legally Operating



Trinity College and University

Details: About 10 years ago I answered an advert in a magazine and bought a degree from Trinity direct, with no coursework or Life Experience Assessment required.  It seems they have now moved on to insisting on a CV being presented which they will evaluate.  This adds to their credibility now.

Prices: $395 - $995           Degree Delivery:   3 weeks          

Legal Status:  Legally Operating

UPDATE:  (Unfortunately, since the writing of this book, this site has disappeared.)



Earlscroft University

Details:  A very serious, well run, "Life Experience" school, they have actually sued people to preserve their name and reputation (which is unheard of with other such colleges).  To test the sincerity of their FREE online assessment form, I put in a bogus CV that was clearly not worth a degree.  It was politely rejected.  The next week I put in my own CV covering my business experience and I was provisionally offered an MBA.  This in my opinion makes Earlscroft a good route to take for someone genuinely wanting to have their life experience recognized in the form of a degree.

Prices: $150 - $320           Degree Delivery:  3 weeks           

Legal Status:  Legally Operating

 UPDATE:   (Still active, but no longer accepting new students.)



Capitol University

Details:  A clever setup that has been well marketed, you will find ads for them all over the internet and in magazines.  I have heard both good and bad things about them.  Their major drawback is they are so well known and this could prove to be negative if for instance your potential employer has seen their ads.  But still worth a look.

Prices:  $395 - $995          Degree Delivery:   3 weeks           

Legal Status:  Legally Operating

 UPDATE:  (Unfortunately, since the writing of this book, this site has disappeared.)


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